What is a “No Doc Loan”?

A “No Doc Loan” refers to loans that do not require borrowers to provide documentation of their income to lenders or do not require much documentation. Perfect for borrowers with fluctuating or hard-to-verify income such as self-employed individuals.

Why does No Doc Investor have no doc loans when other lenders do not?

In July 2010, congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Since then, the US Government has created the “Ability to Repay Rule”  requiring consumers to provide income documentation to qualify for a loan to purchase or refinance an owner occupied property. No Doc Investor does not do loans for consumers that owner occupy a residence. Our customers are investors of residential and commercial real estate. Therefore, No Doc Investor is able to create their own lending programs that do not require income documentation.

Where does No Doc Investor lend?

ALL STATES except Alaska, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota and South Dakota.

How many years will No Doc Investor amortize my loan?

We use 30 year amortization. This will keep your payments lower than most banks . They generally use 10 and 15 year amortization.

Is it OK to buy a property in the name of my company?


Can I take cash out of a property that I own to put a down payment on another property and finance it with No Doc Investor?


How do I get started with No Doc Investor?

Please email us or call us at (888) 699-1769 . We want to help you finance your real estate!